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Mural for Studio Safari & WOTSO Workspace
'Creative Safari' - 80 iFould Street, Adelaide CBD

September 2022

18 x 10m

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These contrasting colours come together as an amalgamation of the left and right side of the brain working together, portraying a sense of how thoughts and ideas flow around the brain. The viewer is transported into a visual safari of collaging tools, objects and plants which aid creativity. These themes capture the essence of the creative hub it homes; Studio Safari - the open-plan creative space which is a blank canvas for creativity; including but not limited to photography, content creation, workshops, events, markets, and a co-working space workshops, pop-up shops and more to life on the ground floor. As well as neighbour WOTSO Workspace - the co-working office spaces upstairs and next door. There are also a few little eyes hidden in the design as a little safari quest to find them too!


This video captures the entire process of painting amongst rain and cold temperatures.

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