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Ruby Tuesday Foundation
Hero artwork for Ruby Warner's foundation   


Digital illustration printed onto various formats 

RTF - Main Artwork.jpg

Ruby passed away from a rare form of cancer at age 12. This artwork aims to capture Ruby’s essence and spirit through exploring her ideas, perspectives and passions gleaned from my talks with her parents and inspecting her drawings and writings. I wanted this piece to speak to Ruby’s uniqueness, power and vibrancy, mirroring what her Foundation seeks to achieve.

Throughout the creating this I have felt that this design is creating a feeling of Ruby’s presence. Although I never met Ruby I feel like I was able to get to know her after having the opportunity to see some of Ruby’s own art work and sketches in her sketch book. I resonate a lot with her drawings and thinking as I had very similar practices at the same age and have incorporated a number of images of Ruby’s into the piece. 

For those that knew and loved Ruby and for those who did not know her, I hope they will see all of her characteristics in this eye catching, bright and vibrant backdrop. In doing so, you the viewer, are invited to connect with the individual and overall symbolism in this piece to take away your own understanding of what ‘Ruby Tuesday’ means. For Ruby – may her voice remain everlasting & universal.


This 1st edition print auctioned for $11,000 at the Foundation's launch in August 2022.

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