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'Rundle Street Transforms'

Finalist for 2022 Fringe Poster Competition 

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 7.26.33 pm.png

My 2022 Fringe poster submission ‘Rundle Street Transforms’ made it into the top 50 finalists! 

This poster takes you for a journey up Rundle Street to explore all that Fringe has to offer. But its not just limited to The Garden and Gluttony, there are a few familiar sculptures amongst the glorious tangle of the life affirming force that is the Adelaide Fringe.

The creatures walking up the road establish the unique festival’s beautiful diversity and how many people travel far and wide just to attend and feel accepted by all.


At larger scales you will be able to see all of the details that are intertwined in the transformation of the road; mouths, tents, music, acrobatics, stars, doors and more.

The focal point of the star person waves at you, pulling you in to walk up the road with them. All of their senses are represented through the points of the star being the ears to hear extraordinary performances, the eyes to see the amazing colours, the mouth to taste different foods, the nose to smell the sweet smell of roasting nuts and the fingers to touch interactive installations.

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